FACT: Did you know that if only 1500 of our partners donated $30 per month as Waterbearers, this amount would more than cover GLCs day to day operational expenses? Think on that... It would only take 1500 Waterbearer Partners at $30 per month to put GLC back on it feet!

EVERY donation - regardless of the amount - is important because GLC takes all of us standing together. So even if you're not ready to become a monthly partner, we want you to know that we appreciate you! Thanks for watching, for spreading the word about GLC, for praying for us and encouraging us! Simply put, we appreciate whatever you do to be a part of GLC!

Pay by Check: If you'd prefer to make a donation by check / money order, please mail to:

PO Box 61000
Midland, TX 79711-1000

Pay by Credit Card: One-time / recurring credit card donations can be made below or by calling our office at (432) 563-0420 or 1-800-707-0420

Raindrop Partner

$1 - $30

Per Month

    Here in the desert of the Southwest, we know that when enough raindrops gather, a mighty flood will ensue! And the GLC Raindrop Partners do just that... join together to bring a flood ... a flood of The Gospel! Some of our most faithful partners have given $5 or $10 a month for 35 years! Just think how that's added up! Raindrop Partners may not have an abundance to give, but they've sure made a difference for the viewers of GLC!

Waterbearer/Tower Partner

$30 - $75

Per Month

    Waterbearers/Tower Partners are committed to taking Living Water to a dry and thirsty land. While they know the Gospel is free, they understand that getting the message out there comes with a price tag! From production and editing, to tower leases and utility bills, from guest accommodations to equipment repair, Waterbearers provide the financial support for GLC's "day-to-day"! Just think, if only 1500 partners gave just $30 per month, those funds would enable GLC to sustain our weekly operations and programming in order to keep the station up and running!

Operations Partner

$75 - $150

Per Month

    Our Operations Partners help provide the financial ability to pay some of the big-ticket items in our operational budget including payroll and debt servicing. These partners help us "keep the lights on" while also providing a means for hiring new employees or special services that might have to be contracted when the need arises. Operations partners play such an important and vital role to the succes of the mission of GLC!

Growth Partner

$150 or more

Per Month

    Growth Partners aid GLC by expanding the current reach in our ongoing mission to "teach the Word by means of mass communication to the whole world!" They realize that the most important aspect of the Great Commission is to spread the Good News, and they recognize the importance of supporting a network that chooses to teach biblical truths and prepare the Church for the days ahead! Without our "Growth Partners", GLC can not continue to grow!