State Of Connecticut Consulting Agreement Affidavit

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The supporting documents below (and also on the right) are also required. The maximum value of the contract determines which additional insurance or certifications are required for the performance of the contract. b) 1. Any principal or principal staff of a person, company or company submitting offers or proposals for a contract described in subsection (a) of this section certifies, in an affidavit, whether a advisory agreement has been entered into in connection with such a contract.  Such a sworn statement is required when the councillor`s duties included communications relating to the activities of a public or quasi-public agency, whether direct contacts were made or were made in direct contact with a public authority, public official or public official or state official.  As noted in this section, “advice agreement” refers to any written or oral agreement relating to the competition control activity of an advisor for the purposes of (A) counseling of a contractor, seller, adviser or other agency intending to conduct or conduct business with the state, (B) contacting an executive authority , judicial or administrative of the state, in writing or orally, including a division, an institution, an office, a board of directors, a commission, a public authority, a civil servant or a staff member for the purposes of invitation, dispute resolution, introduction, request for information or (C) of any other similar activity related to these contracts.  ”advice agreement” does not include agreements with a registered advisor under Chapter 10 1 on the date of filing a sworn statement, in accordance with the provisions of this section. Ethics certificates can only be used with “large public construction or purchase contracts,” which means that a contract costing more than US$500,000 for (A) is responsible for the transformation, modification, repair or extension of a real asset; B) construction, modification, reconstruction, improvement, installation, development or modification of the degree of a section of a national road or bridge; (C) the purchase or rental of supplies, materials or equipment within the meaning of Section 4a-50 of the General Statutes; or (D) the construction, reconstruction, transformation, redevelopment, repair or demolition of a public building. All contracts with the University require certain assurances, certifications and provisions (language) of the State of Connecticut. (Only for large public procurement or procurement contracts within the meaning of Conn.

gene. Stat. (a) With the exception of Section 10a-151f, no public or quasi-public agency may execute a contract to purchase goods or services with a total value of an exercise or schedule greater than $50,000 or more, unless the public or quasi-public agency receives the sworn assurance described in subsection b) of this section.