Pierce County Private Road Maintenance Agreement

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7. Owners are responsible for the conservation of the quantity, location, installation and manufacture of road signs, stop signs, speed limit signs and other traffic control signs, in accordance with projectable construction plans available in Pierce County. (4) If the construction of the common driveway or avenue is not necessary before the road is completed, the engineer or county may require drilling and nuclear testing to ensure acceptable road quality. H. All interviews and responsibilities are carried out by the recipient party or parties in accordance with the licence. However, when the couple applied for the refinancing of their mortgage, the lender demanded a road maintenance contract. Some of their neighbours were not ready to sign the document. The agreement went well, they said, why should we change them? 2. Check.

The county engineer will check the engineer`s deviation requirement, as well as all support provided to justify the deviation requirement, as well as all staff checks and recommendations. When considering an application for a waiver, the county engineer will assess the application to determine whether the proposal provides compensatory or comparable results in the public interest and whether the proposal meets the safety, operating, fire protection, appearance and warning requirements, using the evaluation criteria described in PCC 17B.10.090 A.3. The district engineer makes written factual findings and conclusions regarding the waiver application. The county engineer will either make or reject an application for a waiver, in whole or in part, on the basis of these factual and factual findings. When granting a waiver, the county engineer may add certain conditions to the waiver that are used to meet the intent of the established standards, criteria and guidelines. The waivers must be approved by the district engineer before road plans can be approved. B. For each proposed subdivision with private roads, common access facilities or driveways, the declaration of agreements with the Pierce County Auditors` Office must be recorded before or at the same time as the registration of the final subdivision document. The main investors in the secondary mortgage market – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – are calling for a street maintenance contract to be included in the loan package. The contract must be indefinite, a binding contract for any future owner.

E. Inspection 5: pavement set/common access facility, after paving, cleaning of the drainage system and all necessary work of clearing, scratches, buttons, historical monuments and all road demarcation work. Dd. “traffic improvement,” an action that improves the operation or conditions of a road or intersection.