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How to Watch GLC Online

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Watch GLC on Roku


GLC now has a channel on Roku! Roku is a small box that connects to your home internet signal and streams over 1000 channels to your television set. You connect the Roku to your TV through the included AV cables or HDMI cable. The only other connection you'll need to make is plugging the Roku unit into a wall outlet.

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Roku also gives you more than 100,000 movies and TV shows. Things like sports, holiday classics, news programs, and your favorite television shows are just a click away. There are more than 750 channels to choose from, and the vast majority -- including God's Learning Channel -- are free! Services like Netflix and Hulu Plus require a monthly subscription, but there's no monthly charge for the Roku device. Once you buy it, you own it. So if the only things you want to watch are the hundreds of free Roku channels, you'll never have to pay for anything after you hook up your Roku.

roku layout

Roku is highly affordable, with new models ranging from $49.99 to $99.99! You can purchase a box through fine retailers such as Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy and Radioshack or you can purchase a Roku unit directly from the Roku website. To add our channel to your existing Roku device, please click here.

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Watch through our Website or Social Media


Our website features live video-streaming of our 24-hour programming, as well as ever-changing video archives that can be viewed at your leisure.  Simply click on the WATCH tab at the top of the Home Page, and choose LIVE STREAM from the drop-down list. Likewise, our Youtube channel contains hundreds of FREE video clips that allow you to easily share with your friends and family.

Watch our Live Stream directly on your TV using "Chromecast" and your computer!


Chromecast, as Google puts it, is "the easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV." For only $35 USD, Google provides you with a HDMI dongle which connects directly to your TV (as long as it has a spare HDMI port). This enables you to stream GLC's live broadcast directly from our website straight to your TV using your computer or mobile device as a controller. Click here to find out more!

Click the video below to for more information on how to Chromecast!